You don’t have to sacrifice your Career to your Parenting.

And you don’t have to sacrifice your Parenting to your Career.

I’ll help you figure out how!

Ever wished you could go back and do things over knowing what you know now?

Hell yes!

I’ve had a great career and learned many things along the way.  The hard way!  If only I’d known those things when I started out, life would have been a whole lot easier and my career path a whole lot smoother.

So now, I help ambitious woman to achieve the career success they deserve while being the great parents they want to be (without having to learn it all the hard way).

Let’s Silence Your Parenting Gremlins

Young woman with bright blue eyes and brunette hair is anxiously looking at the camera and grimacing as she holds her head and grasps her hair with both hands.

As a woman striving for a career in mining during the 90s, fighting for a seat at the table was my normal. But, becoming a working mother AND geologist took me to a new level of taboo.

An entire generation later and it pains me to see how little progress society has made, which is why I help women like you navigate all the complexity of being a successful working parent. 

When we reach the time in our lives that we start thinking about the reality of raising a family, I believe it should be exciting and personal, and that we shouldn’t be consumed by the all-too-familiar gremlins that make us worry.

Do these sound familiar?


“Can I really do both?  Have the successful career and be a good parent?”

“I’m so worried that I’ll be drowning in responsibility once my baby is born that I won’t have any energy left to give my career the focus and attention it needs?”

“Will my career always take a back seat now to my partner’s career?”

“Am I going to have to say no to exciting opportunities because I can’t make them work for my family?”

“How will becoming a parent impact my relevance at work? Am I never going to get those exciting opportunities again because other people have decided for me that now I’m a Mom, I won’t be able to/want to go?”

“How will I handle unexpected interruptions during the work day? Sick kids, doctors’ appointments, picking up kids from school, flaky babysitters.  The list never ends. And then there’s YouTube videos that end in the middle of a conference call, snack requests that just can’t wait and petitions for justice from feuding siblings!”


“What if my having a successful career negatively impacts my child/ren?”

“Am I going to miss all the big milestones?  First steps, first words, the big Christmas concert at school, Winning Little League games?”

“Am I going to spend so much time in the office that I wake up one day and realize that I barely know my child?  What if they love the nanny more than me?”

“Will I be able to meet my child’s needs as a working mother?  Or am I going to damage my child by not being around enough for them?”

Parental Leave

“I need to figure out my parental leave options, but I don’t want it to cost me the promotion I’m ready for (or worse, get me fired).”

“How much time off should I take?”

“How much time off should my partner take?”

“Will I get paid during my mat leave and how much?”

“How much does it cost to have a baby, anyways? And can I even afford it?”

“What does a return to work look like for me? Am I going to get screwed over if I decide to go back to work part time?  Is it even possible?”

“When is the best time to return to work for both me and my baby?”

“HR and my Boss are kind of useless and don’t seem like they have done this before.  How do I help them figure out what my mat leave is supposed to be like?”

“How much should I stay in touch with work during my mat leave?”

I’ll bet you can relate to more than a few of those.

Don’t worry – these thoughts and concerns are totally normal! I’ve had these worries.  My friends have had these worries.  My colleagues have had these worries.  And I’ve helped them conquer their gremlins and create the success they wanted.

Long story short:  Me and my years of experience are here to help you take a stand and create the work and family balance that YOU want.


Darrell’s guidance through my parental and professional journey has been absolutely instrumental in my growth.

Isabelle | Director Mineral Resources

Who My Coaching Clients Are

Couples Planning Ahead

You’re thinking ahead to having a family and wondering how it’s going to impact your career.

Now’s the time to start setting yourself up for success!

Getting clear on what you want from your career and family life allows you to take control and be proactive in making that happen.

I’ll help you figure this out! 

Soon–to–be Parents

You’re pregnant!  Congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life.

You might wish that little feeling of trepidation about how becoming a parent is going to affect your career, wasn’t there so that you could fully enjoy the experience of starting a new family.

I hear you!

I will help you get those fears out of your way so that you can fully appreciate this exciting time. 

Parents Going Back to Work

You’ve just started your family and your return-to-work date is getting closer.

You’re probably wondering how you are going to make it all work – thriving in the career you have fought so hard for and taking the best possible care of the precious new person in your life.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. It’s never too late to figure out how to do both successfully. 

Families Finding the Balance

You already have children.


Having a family and a career is one never ending circle of chaos and something just has to change!

Being a parent is the most challenging and most rewarding experience and you don’t want to give up on that hard-earned career or let your family down.

It’s never too late to take a stand!

I’ll partner with you to create the change you want. 

Careers Without Parenting


Having children isn’t on your radar yet, or maybe they’ve grown up and left the nest!

You’re a rising star and want support in your professional journey, without the parenting guidance.

Sounds good to me!

I help women at all different stages of their career figure out what they want and how to get it.



Darrell is an expert at the tricky intersection between careers and family. Working with Darrell helped me effectively advocate for myself at home so that I could confidently pursue the technical career I’ve been dreaming of.

Alex | GIS Analyst

How Coaching Will Change Your Life

I help Ambitious Women like YOU set themselves up for career success while being a fantastic parent!

I work with you to: 

  • Look at the big picture – your career and your family-life together! You are one person and you need all the parts of your life working together.
  • Overcome the pressure of fitting into your industry, and society, when it isn’t what you or your family want.
  • Sort out all the confusing options and create a clear plan that works for you.

 Together, we will create:

  • A safe, judgement-free space. Discussing work or family life with loved ones can be tough and too high an emotional risk. Working together helps you commit to your own truth.
  • Freedom to figure out what YOU want, and how we can help you get it. This is where coaching is different to getting advice or being mentored. I’m here to help you find the answers you’re looking for.
  • Actionable goals and accountability to get clear on what work needs to be done, and that you’re going do it.


If you’re ready to start working on finding your unique path to career and parenting success, I’d love to help.

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