Our careers and family are very personal and very precious. So, before we work together it’s important you know a few things about how, and why, I’m here for you.

Young mother at home wearing a navy business suit while adoringly looking down at her sleeping newborn baby who is carefully cradled against her chest



My coaching practice is built on love and admiration for the strength of women.

I’ve fought my ground in a male-dominated industry and want to help others do the same, without the guilt of choosing to raise a family, too.

I’m fiercely dedicated to changing the perceptions around women who choose to work and parent.

I’m deeply committed to supporting woman who want to have successful, enjoyable and fulfilling careers, while also creating happy, well balanced families with strong bonds.


I believe everything is possible

If you want something enough, there’s a way to make it happen.  Sometimes we need to look beyond the norms and the “this is the way it’s always worked” mentality, and think outside the box! 

When it comes to balancing an amazing career while being a brilliant parent, I will help you discover a new perspective so you can set yourself up for success.


Partners are welcome, too!

While my motivations are deep-rooted in helping women succeed in their careers and as parents, I realise that both parents, regardless of their gender, need to be on the same wavelength and be able to work as a team. I encourage clients and students to get their partners and/or co-parents involved.

What’s most important to me is that my work helps families develop strong bonds and balance a happy home life with successful work life, while raising happy children who become well rounded, successful adults.

Bright and happy toddler with big blue eyes is grinning ear to ear as they are being cuddled and adored by their smiling father


I’m straight up and trustworthy

If you haven’t already sensed it, I’m very straight forward, honest and plain speaking.  Working in a male-dominated mining industry, I’ve developed a tough skin and learned not to beat around the bush.

I like to get stuff done and a few home truths might be part of our journey, and everything I say is meant in the best way possible.  Underneath it all, I’m a delicate human being too. My honesty always comes from a place of compassion and the deepest empathy.

Happy professional couple outside their home dressed in business suits and admiring their baby who's looking up at them from a black baby carrier on the mother's chest


Your best interests are my number one priority

I’m here to help you learn how to create your dream career and shape your own parenting style, by implementing some fundamental, foundational strategies.

I don’t make money by recommending books and other people’s programs or services.  If I know that there is a better coach for you, I will say so and recommend them to you.  If I think you will be better served by another program, I’ll tell you. 

Any affiliated endorsements will be clearly disclosed.


I have a “kind people only” policy

We’ve all heard about, even experienced, the divide between working moms and stay-at-home moms, but there will be no judgement and no ‘Mommy Wars’ here!

We’re all doing our best.  We all have power to choose and create our own journey. Some parents choose to continuously pursue careers, but it doesn’t make us better, or worse, than those who desire to be full time parents. I’ll avidly support parents making either choice – or something in the middle!

What I care about most is that parents are being mindful about their choice, honest about what they really want, and are happy with the situation they’re living through. If you’re not doing those things, the good news is I can help you!


I take my work seriously, but not always myself

I’m a huge believer that we don’t have to be perfect; we just have to be human.

Some might say I have a quick wit and that nothing phases me. Maybe one of my secrets to finding a happy balance is that I don’t take myself seriously and love nothing more than to laugh at myself. Let’s face it, if I didn’t laugh at myself, life would be pretty tough!

I’m also very passionate about what I do, which means I have a habit of exaggerating to make a point.  So, when I use a phrase like “…if you want your head taken off…” in a parenting example, do I mean that I’m literally going to take someone’s head off?  No way!  It’s my way of speaking to illustrate a point while having a bit of fun.

Darrell Farrow, career and parenting coach, candidly smiling and laughing towards the camera as she addresses an audience at an event in Vancouver


I have a “no guilt” policy!

Last but not least, I make a stand for having a fantastic career and being an awesome parent, WITHOUT the guilt!

By now, I hope you’re starting get a sense that we’re on the same wavelength, that I understand your problems and I get how you feel!

If you want to find out more and get to know me a bit better, let’s chat! Simply get in touch to book a free call, which is technically a consultation, but it’ll feel more like a friendly chat.

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