Simple parenting strategies result in happy little people and strong family bonds. Trust me, I’ve tried them – and it works!

Most people believe there are right and wrong ways to be a parent and that we have to make sacrifices in our careers for a happy family life.

I believe the key to finding an ideal balance is to adopt simple parenting strategies that set the foundations for you to create a balance that works for YOU.

That’s why I’ve created an online course and hub of resources, which are designed to help ambitious women like you thrive in their careers while enjoying raising their children and developing strong family bonds.

Smiling and confident mother is working at home with her laptop on a dining table, while speaking to her son who's standing beside her and looking up at her.

Core Parenting Strategies

White instruction manual with a pair of spectacle and small wrench placed on top of the cover.

Ever wished children came with a MANUAL?  I certainly did and that was before I even became a parent!

It’s seriously hard work…..

And then there’s sleep deprivation, old conventions and societal norms that make us believe we’re doing it all wrong.  Despite our best intentions to do an amazing job.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Despite all my great intentions to be an amazing parent, when our first son was six months old, we were in BIG TROUBLE! If you read my story, you’ll learn that I took a stand, found the right help and discovered these strategies when I needed them most.


I had an excellent life preserver in Darrell when I felt like was going to drown in all the new and conflicting expectations and responsibility.  Darrell helped me sort through the confusion and make smart, realistic, common-sense plans for my work, my partner and myself so that I can be a good parent but still get to have the amazing career I’ve been building for 15 years.

Heather | Mining Engineer

Learn Simple Parenting Strategies in my Course

Having found a balance between my career and a happy family life, I’ve channelled my lifetime of experience into a course, to help YOU be the best parent while having the fulfilling career you dream of.

Sign up for my Core Parenting Strategies Course and learn:

  • Simple parenting techniques that are easy to implement and really work
  • How to create a solid foundation for your children
  • How to stop constantly questioning yourself
  • How to stop making knee jerk parenting decisions – having a solid foundation gives you the bandwidth to respond to problems that arise in a thoughtful and measured way, which results in great outcomes
  • How to take the stress out of parenting and enjoy the experience
  • The tools that will let you paint a unique picture for your family
  • How to build strong family bonds, reclaim your life and give your children the structure they need, without guilt or doubt

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