What My Clients Say About Me

Darrell’s guidance through my parental and professional journey has been absolutely instrumental in my growth. She helped me achieve the rare combination of balance and fulfilment both at home and at work. I will always be thankful for the frank discussions and laughs.  Here’s to many more!

Isabelle | Director Mineral Resources

Darrell helped me take charge of my career. She helped me refine how I present myself and show up with confidence. I learned that I’m enough just the way I am. I have what it takes to create the career I want.

Alex | GIS Analyst

Darrell’s been my most trusted resource for sticky people situations as a new manager. She has helped me navigate difficult performance conversations with my staff while being kind but firm so I could develop my people. It can be really lonely as a manager because you don’t always have peers who can support you in confidential issues. I couldn’t have done this without her as a sounding board. Darrell supported me with her experience and advice — and she didn’t take any of my excuses when it felt easier to chicken out and ignore the problems!

Sarah | Manager, Engineering Consulting Company

Darrell has been able to provide insight on my professional career unlike anyone else. Her unique perspective and experience, along with her patient and encouraging, yet direct approach, has assisted me successfully in maneuvering complex situations and decisions that otherwise would have been very arduous to navigate.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking coaching or guidance on their career journey.

Jordan | Geologist

I began working with Darrell during a time of intense personal and professional transition. I had no belief in myself or my ability to succeed, and my confidence was at an all-time low. Darrell did not – even for a second – buy into this narrative.

Darrell saw the potential I was hiding from myself and held me there with support. Her belief in me was unwavering, as were her expectations that I be accountable to myself as such. This was a powerful combination, that pushed me to shift my mindsets and outdated beliefs, and take concrete action toward what I wanted.

It was challenging, but worth it; Darrell helped me achieve the impossible! I truly cannot believe I have taken my life and career to where they are now, and that I now believe in myself so wholeheartedly. Darrell has a sincere and genuine passion to see people realize their potential and thrive, and she is a truly exceptional coach. I wouldn’t be where I am without her, and I’m eternally grateful to her for that.

Ashley | Senior Human Resources Advisor

I’ve never been one of those women who wanted to quit my job to be a full time Mom. I know that when I have kids, I’ll love them like crazy but I also know that I’ll be itching to keep building my stellar career.

There’s an overwhelming pile of things to figure out when you become a parent. First there’s all the parenting stuff. And then there’s your career: getting “mommy tracked” at work; everybody assuming you’re the primary parent who organizes and attends every single doctor’s appointment and infant sing-along at the community centre; not to mention watching in horror as you overfunction, preventing your partner from doing their fair share of parenting. I was terrified of all of this happening to me.

The good news is, I had an excellent life preserver in Darrell when I felt like was going to drown in all the new and conflicting expectations and responsibility. Darrell helped me sort through the confusion and make smart, realistic, common-sense plans for my work, my partner and myself so that I can be a good parent but still get to have the amazing career I’ve been building for 15 years. 

Heather | Mining Engineer

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